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Crazy ℛeflect Caster ♥! ♪ ℌina ♪
20 September 1988

Hello there~ :D. Hina here! :D I'm gamer girl, with a growing obsession on the Japanese Culture!

I hate typos. I will proofread my stuff (even my comments) a thousand times, so I will probably take ages to reply XDD. I adore good grammar. And smileys. :D Oh, and I suck at HTML ;.;

So...I'm a Kingdom Hearts Fangirl, and a proud member of the Kingdom Hearts Fandom!! :D I'm a major Riku fangirl XDD *proud grin*

I love challenges and I consider myself a pretty good gamer XDD

When it comes to fanstuff, I love drawing and writing but I'm a fanfic n00b D: I can deal with mostly any pairing as long as it's well written and IC, obviously.

I like sharing stuff :D

Odd Facts: I *hate* to rip present wrappings or packages o.o

Stamped at keybladerating

Hikki is a Goddess J-Pop Love ♥

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